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Our Philosophy
Our objective is to provide the best possible care at the lowest cost to the patient and minimize the time between diagnosis and definitive care. We accept the uninsured, patients traveling through, and those with Oregon Health Plan and certain specific insurance carriers.
As a primary care physician clinic, our focus is to help you maintain and improve your health with both preventative care advice and treatment for routine and chronic medical needs. We know a visit to the doctor is not only to seek advice on medical needs but should include establishing a relationship with the physician and the staff.

Overall health assessments for documentation purposes are available and include a general physical examination. We focus on a particular treatment issue that may not have been fully addressed previously, and help re-direct clinical management towards resolution and healing, when possible.

We try to fully respond to patient’s needs for pain relief (provided these do not conflict with other doctors’ prescriptions and recommendations that are current). Our goal is to establish the best possible complete and specific treatment plan we can. This may involve a fusion of both conventional and alternative methods. We try to accomplish this with one consultation and will discuss with you those measures that may require repeat visits.  We are able to offer a range of options and will also readily refer patients to colleagues who have expertise in a specific area so that proper care of your condition is assured as best as is possible.

We can provide office/ outpatient minor procedures for any non-major needs, subject to evaluation on first consultation.

If you need a check-up or need to talk about the possibility of cardiovascular and/or lung disease, our staff can perform a preliminary overall wellness assessment.  EKG & echo-cardiological evaluations are also available in the office, and appropriate referrals for management can be readily made for non-emergency presentations.

The Oregon State Archives Website describes in detail the terms of the Act. This ruling convenes the intention that Oregonians with debilitating medical conditions who may benefit from the medical use of marijuana, may receive the benefit of their doctor’s professional advice regarding the possible risks and benefits of medical marijuana.
Working within the rules and conditions listed by the OMMP, we are able to review and support suitable patients with documentary approval for them to proceed to apply for a Medical Marijuana Card. Supporting documentation from previous consultations with another doctor or hospital consultation may have to be obtained before your case is reviewed.  Patients simply need to call for a free telephone consultation to determine eligibility, upon which an appointment can be made.

OMMP Application

Other Services
Signatures, attestations and review of old records are available for a one-time consultation fee. When necessary we will inform you of clinical results and recommendations for future care without additional charges.
Routine, specialist laboratory tests and radiological procedures can be arranged through our contacts with local laboratories and other services.